Rob Harris

Club CUBC Men

Year of Birth 1998

Hometown Henley

Nationality British

College Pembroke

Undergrad/Graduate Undergraduate

Year 4th

What are you studying? MEng Chemical Engineering

What is the most interesting part of your course? Do you have any professional or academic plans after? Going rowing after I’m done studying.

Future ambitions? To deadlift 400 kilos and win a WSOP bracelet. Strength sport is most likely to be my next athletic pursuit after retirement from rowing (likely after this season). I have always had a knack for lifting heavy things compared to other guys on the team who might beat me on the erg. The WSOP bracelet relates to a different hobby, but nonetheless it would be incredible to reach this pinnacle of poker.

How do you balance rowing and academic life? A Time-Turner was a magical device used for time travel. It was a special timepiece which resembled an hourglass on a necklace. The British Ministry of Magic encased an Hour-Reversal Charm in the time turners they created, for additional stability. The number of times one turned the hourglass corresponded to the number of hours one travelled back in time. However, they can only stay in the past for five hours at a time, without the possibility of serious harm to the traveller or to time itself.] However, by 2020, two other ‘true’ kind of time-turners were created. The prototype only let the time traveller stay in the past for five minutes, while the improved model let them to stay in the past for as long as they wanted and return to the future when wanted. (Brilliant. Ed.)

When did you start rowing, and why? 2012 because I saw it in the London Olympics and then signed up for a week’s learn to row camp at school.

What was your first club? Abingdon School Boat Club.

What is your favourite part of rowing for Cambridge? My teammates and the friends I’ve made throughout the process. And also winning - this provides the motivaton for all we do and ultimately the prize is worth the fight.

What’s your rowing history, and what has been your biggest achievement so far? I won in the Goldie race in 2018 and 2019. I also represented GB at the European University Games in the single in 2018. I had a rather unremarkable school career that left me wanting more. That’s why I have committed myself so fully to rowing since arriving at Cambridge.

Have you raced in the Boat Race before? If yes, when? Goldie x2(3?) 2018/19/(20).

Your favourite race so far? Trial eights 2017. Savage racing, several lead changes and ultimately only a 1/2 length win. It was one of the hardest races I’ve done as well as one of the closest. I was the only one with enough energy to celebrate over the line though…

Do you have any race day habits or superstitions? I like to ready my breakfast and eat hearty. Give them nothing, but take from them, everything! Have made beating Oxford a habit. Session 1, session 2, treat it like any other training day.

Your sporting idol? Phil Ivey. Best there is, and a stone cold savage. There is ice in this man’s veins.

If you could have any sportsperson in your crew, who would it be? Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The man is so rich all our financial troubles would cease to exist. He would also bring all sorts of life to the party.

What gets you through a tough session? Do you have a mantra, rituals? Bad question in my opinion. No one is forcing me or any of us to do this. I don’t view any of it as something to be endured. If I didn’t want to do it I wouldn’t be showing up every day.

Any hobbies, other interests outside rowing? Eating and sleeping are the main ones. I play a bit of poker, sometimes taking pocket money off my teammates. I think it’s important to have something else for when you need to take your mind off rowing for a bit, something other than school work.

How do you motivate yourself and your team-mates, especially with Covid restrictions? My teammates are my motivation. Communication has been key especially over the November lockdown. Regular team meetings and social Zoom calls were a big help.